Wednesday, November 04, 2015


It is 30 days since something kind of important happened or may have happened. Let's see where it goes but so far, it has been quite a journey. It has 2 days since I made a decision that sometimes scares me but I felt it was the truthful thing to do.

As soon as I typed out that sentence, I exhaled. So I believe that it's the right thing to do. A friend had told me that whenever you exhale after you have thought of something or spoken about or listened to something, then that is what you believe to be true. Otherwise the body doesn't relax. It's always in a state of anticipation where it is bracing itself for the truth to come crashing down.

The office is getting decorated for Diwali and our bay is of course going to be the last in getting the lights up. What is it with writers and procrastination? Anyway, the HR team had put up sparkly lights the day before and they looked so gorgeous! Last night I was struggling with something for an inordinately long time and every time I got up from my seat to stretch my legs, I saw the string of lights and felt all cheered up.

Life feels good. Now. Now? Life? It feels good.


mona said...

Last line samajh nahi aayi.
Mere liye bahut complicated hain.

Anonymous said...

Scene: Ajeet thouroughly disgusted with **** daaa..arrling.
Ajeet: Raabert, **** ke saamne yeh Compooter laga do aur debugger starrt kar do.
Raabert: Lekin kyoon, baas?
Ajeet: Checkpoint mein hi atak jayegi.

mukta raut said...

:-)) Mona - I meant that right now, things are good. Don't know about the future but this feels good right now!