Sunday, March 19, 2017

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What has been happening:

1. Am doing a lot of writing for work. So it left me very little time for the bog. But to the person who commented asking me if everything was okay, this point is for you. :-) Thank you so much for checking in.

2. Also posting a lot of stuff on LinkedIn. 

4. Visited Bandra Kurla Complex a couple of times with mom. That was good fun!

5. Work is going well. Need to think of some new kinds of strategies, though, to make work more fulfilling, varied, and lucrative.

6. Got some very nice dresses from Mom. Really looking forward to wearing them. I think the dresses will look good. Here's the list:
- a white linen dress with light blue vertical stripes. It's knee length and has a tie-up bodice. Pretty cute.
- a red skater dress with little green motifs. Also knee-length and sleeveless.
- a sleeveless, lace dress in lime yellow with a deep(ish) back and wooden buttons
- a white dress

7. Spent the whole day with a friend yesterday. watched Lion in Juhu. I'd worn a cotton dress in deep fuschia. I'd got that from Delhi and I love it. Nothing like a cotton dress for the summers. We went to PVR for a film and it was so cool and breezy outside. After the film, we went to Bandstand and hung out under a moon that seemed to be sulking. But it's always good and beautiful in Bandra.

8. Been using a green apple shampoo lately and it is so fresh and fruity! It's a very cheery feeling to have hair smell so good that you can sniff it before a client call or during one if it's not going too well. I work from home so no-one's watching and it's all good!

9. What's happening with Goa?!

10. Places that I tried out and would recommend:
- Zaffar Bhai's at Mahim. Awesome khichda
- Soda Bottle Openerwaala at BKC. Awesome everything, especially their laganu custard.