Thursday, November 05, 2015


Today we had a Halloween theme at work. We had to dress scary or at the very least, wear black. Which I didn't because I got really late so I'm dressed in a printed palazzo and a dull mauve tee while around me, I see people in stylish goth. Anyway, to pull my own weight, I offered to do some kind of Halloween make-up for the team. I'm not good at that kind of thing so I figured I'd be right for the job. But maybe I exude a confidence I don't really feel because for some reason the team thought me more adept with eyeliner and lipstick than I really am. So, I was getting requests to paint cobwebs on faces, the running mascara look, smoky eyes, cat nose and whiskers, Frankenstein stitches, etc. Which I managed, by the way. A colleague would search for an image on Google and hold it up for me while I referred to it and painted faces accordingly. It was so much fun! A face is so beautiful! I finally understood what all those make-up artists mean when they say that the face is a canvas. A dark lip or smudged kajal or fake drops of blood painted near the lips makes a face come alive in a way even plastic surgery won't do.

A new world opens up. I'd like to learn how to do make up properly.

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