Tuesday, November 03, 2015

548: Good things that happened today

I am just writing this down to clear some mental space:

1. We were trying out a new coffee vending machine at work today. I had 4 cups of frothy cappuccino. Quite smooth.

2. I'd ordered Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It got delivered today.

3. I had sensed some kind of tension build up in my chest regarding a colleague. I sent her a mail asking her if all was okay. We sorted it out.

4. Ma is home and she is fine.

5. I finally zero-ed in on one area that I need to focus on - possessiveness. Will make my life a lot simpler. I think it should begin with me removing the romance out of a feeling so stilted and harsh.

6. Really enjoyed the glass of very sweet watermelon juice. Pune's getting dusty and hot.

7. Very excited about some assignments - at work and some initiatives I want to start.

8. Fit into a bright green sari blouse which I may wear with a bright yellow sari this Thursday. It's traditional day at work and if I wear a sari, it will be the very first time I'd have worn a sari.

9. Cracked a little bit of a design headlock.

10. Breathed deeply multiple times.

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Anonymous said...

Good going..