Thursday, August 20, 2015

607: Just a little bit to get it out of the system

Met up with a couple of pals last evening at Apache, which is a Pune cheap booze hangout place, I hear. The equivalent of Gokul's or Janata in Bombay. One of my friends has moved to Bangalore and she was telling me all about the breweries there and the set up availablle for entrepreneurs who'd like a space to work off from - you get a daily pass for a fee and in return you get a work station, unlimited coffee and unlimited wi-fi. THAT is the making of a big city!

We had beers which were not very chilled until we complained. Then we got chilled beers. Then the three of us talked about spooky stuff and it was good.

I misread the date of my travel to Bangalore. I'm leaving tomorrow instead of day after which is when I thought I would be leaving. There's a ton of stuff I need to finish and I haven't even started yet. It's likely that I will need to work during the first couple of days during my leave and my laptop is on the there is THAT.

Anyway, I have packed - mostly.

Will see how the day goes.

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