Monday, August 24, 2015

606, 605, 604: So far in Bangalore

In Bangalore now. Here for a short trip. The rain is cold.So cold. Places seem to be really far far far away from each other but the distances are choked up with a lot of prettiness. I went to Lalbaugh the other day and it was so lush and beautiful. The space around the Lalbag lake was stunning and dreamy! There were three shades of blue and grey in the skies and maybe five shades of greens in the waters. We saw the most spectacular kinds of trees with mindbendingly awesome trunks! Trees are what took my breath away in Bangalore during the first visit. Trees are what I loved this time around too!

This time I have really enjoyed the food here. We went to this place, 'Republic of Noodles' in Lemon Tree and it's a brilliant place. (This one's in Electronic City). My friend wanted her Long Island Iced Tea to be topped up with tea, not cola. It sounded interesting so I thought I'd try the same. It was delicious and made the drink even more potent. Our LIIT was topped with jasmine tea and I would strongly urge everyone in Bangalore (whoever imbibes) to go and try it out! And they had a veg soup and a poached peach dessert that were class acts.

Also had dosas at MTR that were superb! MTR, opposite Lalbag is an all-in-all superb place. It's an iconic, old establishment - they invented rava idlis (when there was paucity of rice during one of the world wars - or so my pal informs me.) We had dosas, bisibele bhat, rava idli, fruit salad, and idli vada. And coffee that came in silver cups. Like wow! WOW!

So far good times. But I have to work from home tomorrow which I am slightly bummed about.

But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anyway, if anyone who's reading this is in the Electronic City area tomorrow and wants to catch up, please write to me. I would need to get out to get some coffee in the evening. Let me know. You can write to me at

Also, I'll have Tuesday and Wednesday free - so any recommendations on what I could do - most helpful...and if anyone's around to go window shopping at Brigade Road or MG Road one of these days, do let me know. Thank you!

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