Wednesday, August 19, 2015

612, 611, 610, 609, 608: When life's good, it may hand you a lemon

I was very sleepy yesterday. It was compounded by the fact that I had very little to do and the whole day to do it. So I procrastinated. So much so that even my procrastination procrastinated. It kicked in later in the day towards tea time. Then I just felt like leaving for home without doing a lick of work. THEN I felt guilty because well, I get paid to do good work. And if good work is not possible, then SOME work - which is what I set my benchmark as. By that time, my eyes were almost shutting so I went over to Nature's Basket because I wanted to look at wine bottles. They seem to rejuvenate me somehow or get some shot of cold-pressed vegetable juices that are supposed to be good for you.

Once I was there, I thought it was no point trying to fool myself so I just reached for two cans of Red Bull instead. Also got a packet of instant Ramen that looked funky and stupid, therefore appealing, to my tired eyes.

Anyway, I paid up with my Sodexo coupons - which is the best part of buying anything from Nature's Baasket. You can pay with Sodexos and it doesn't feel like you're spending money.

The hitch, though, is that you don't get your change back.

I was just tearing up my Sodexos (from the coupon booklet) when a man came and stood behind me. I got nervous. I get nervous when there's a line behind me as I tear stubborn bits of paper from perforated sections. Anyway, I tore up maybe five rupees worth more than the coupon and handed it over to the cashier. He told me I wouldn't be getting back any change and I said okay.

As I moved away, the cashier said I could take a lemon. Maybe that's the only thing they had worth five rupees. A lemon. I picked one that was bright yellow and cheery with a cute, knobbly skin.

Came back, glugged my Red Bull, and finished work.

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