Sunday, August 10, 2014

922-food and film

Tonight, a friend and I cooked dinner and watched a film on her laptop. We made a thick carrot and coriander soup, garlic bread, and a side of lightly fried and strongly spiced beetroot and mushrooms. It's our new  project now- to learn to cook some dishes well.

The soup is very simple. We chopped up 4 medium-sized carrots and broke of the stalks of the coriander. These were put in a pot of boiling water. There wasn't too much water, though...maybe half and inch more than the level of carrots. To the water a little salt, a smatter of chopped garlic and a little black pepper powder. After the carrots were properly softened and the taste of coriander had infused the broth, we pureed the mixture. Then we put the puree to boil again, adding some more water and butter. When it bubbled, we sprinkled coriander leaves and turned off the gas. So, soup was done.

The garlic bread was made on tava as I don't have an oven.We buttered the bread on one side and added chopped garlic on it. The tavaa was also heated and smeared with some butter. Then we took the bread slices and put them on the tavaa, the garlic side down. The bread slice needs to be pressed into the tavaa so that the garlic cooks and sticks to the bread. After that side is done, the slice is flipped over and the other side is toasted. So, that's the toast.

Mushrooms were real quick. They were chopped coarsely and sauteed in mustard oil. To this, meat masala (from Everest), salt, and little chilli powder was added.Cook until tender and coated with the spices. Then, mushrooms off the gas.

There was some more of that spice remaining in the pan so beetroot cubes were cooked in that. Water was added until the beetroot was real soft and the water had dried up. Beetroot gets a beautiful glaze after you are done with it, so it makes for a pretty side.

Then we watched Lost in Translation, which I love. I was watching the film for the first time but I had read the script before and watched some of Sophia Coppolas interviews. I remember loving, absolutely loving the script. The movie does justice. The scenes are so delicate, so membranous almost. And I love that the first and only time that Bill Murray smiles in the movie is at the end, when he says goodbye.

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