Friday, August 08, 2014

923 - up the hill

This morning, the trek up the hill was really nice! I think the legs are getting stronger. I was able to sprint a minuscule distance. The best part, as always, is when we reached a little plateau and in the distance saw a little opening in the sky and a pool of fluid sunlight flood over the city. The city itself remained a diffused grey. Where we were, though, the brown earth shone. It was wet and rich with this fresh, full scent. The grass was an electric green. So, basically while the rest of the world was swept across with a grey, soft palate, we stood on a chunk that was seeped in psychedelic colours. The green grass looked positively electric. Like, if you touched even a tip of a blade, you'd have current course through you.

It reminded me of a scene from 'Taking Woodstock' by Ang Lee - especially the portion where the boy (the main character) takes acid for the first time and the shots of the world as he sees it - undulating, churning, shape-shifting whirlpool of colours and sensations.

This was one of those days where a 'Good Morning' actually meant something. 

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Anonymous said...

"sprint a minuscule distance"
"pool of fluid sunlight flood over "

"diffused grey" and "grey, soft palate"

"electric green" and "green grass looked positively electric"

What is this? Trying too hard to be casual and seamless?
Send this to your english teacher.. and see what grades you'd get.