Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dhoom 2 - and where were the director, scriptwriter, and editor when the film was being shot?

I don’t see why one needs to have fit, toned, fast and fiesty people if you are going to show them in slow motion ALL the time. These people probably got that shape after doing many, many hours of cardio, right? So, a little speed would’ve been nice. After all, adrenaline doesn’t flow drip by drip by drip.

And wonderful hair extensions. Lovely, glistening skin, and beautifully sculpted arms, and sexy, taut legs – and this is just the women.

As for the men, well, Hrithik is the resident superhero in Bollywood now…so even his glares need to look like his mask in Krrish. Abhishek must stick to smiling cutely and NOT dance to groovy music next to sultry women…because he seems to be too shy. But I must say, I really missed Uday Chopra. I thought his character in Dhoom was funny. It’s a shame that he didn’t get much screen time here because the Fabulous 4 were walking so ‘slooooooooooooooooowly’!

Oh…and I wasn’t terribly impressed with Dhoom, in the first place. I had gone with SS, who was completely and stupidly besotted with John Abraham. (Who, excuse me, is just a pretty boy – but sexy? I mean…how?) And this was also the time when Jaygee was enamored with Abhishek Bachan. So both had told me about this scene where they pass each other outside some ICICI building without either of them knowing who the other one was. And this scene was supposed to be scorching, smoldering, combustible, etc. etc.

But both looked like headboys of St. Stanislaus and St. Theresa going towards their respective groups after P.T. class. So much for impact.

Sheesh! Women!

For some true macho sizzle on Hindi screen, I would strongly recommend the confrontation scene between Sanjay Dutt and Kabir Bedi in Yalgaar. Now THAT is something! (Or Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol in Kshatriya or Sanjay Dutt and some other villian in Krodh – SD is looking so, so, so good…or to a lesser extent, Sanjay Dutt and Jackie in Khalnayak.)

The music is a big disappointment…but I think, it’s partly because of the way some scenes are shot. You can’t machofy Dhoom in slow motion, for God’s sakes.

What else?

I saw this flick and snap! I knew who I’d cast as Don if I were remaking the movie. And no…it wouldn’t be the guy with many disguises. It would be the lady in the tight white vest and snug jeans with a good looking gun.

Actually, that’s how I’d like Don to have been – tall, dusky, strong, and….woman.


doubtinggaurav said...

First the God is claimed as a woman, now even Don is a Donna.
When will this stop ;-)

Mukta said...


Wow! That is so neat! Yeah...Donna!

Anonymous said...

there was this hindi movie in which Shabana Azmi was a don type, or a gunda politician maybe. she looked really cool i think ..


Mukta said...

Yep - Godmother. Good idea..

the mad momma said...

I like the idea of a woman Don! and I can see you love Sanjay Dutt... I don't think Abhishek is drool worthy... but John... hmm... I could live with him being called a hunk