Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Live and learn

There’s a book by Sydney Sheldon, ‘Stranger in the Mirror.’ The central character of this book is a guy who wants to make it as an actor in the big, bad world of Hollywood. Initially, he has to compromise a lot (there are a few gory descriptions of anal sex). Then one day, he becomes famous. At the climax of his popularity, something snaps inside him. He goes beserk in the pursuit of a good life – everytime he is with a woman, he feels bad that he could be with someone better. Everytime he is giving a show somewhere, he feels that there is a better audience he could be entertaining.

The reason I think about this now is because of a remark I came across a few minutes ago.

While the remark itself is innocuous, it got me thinking. I hope I never become the sort of person who makes a friend feel that I would rather be someplace other than with her. I hope I never impart the feeling that I was put to such inconveniences to be with her on her special day. I hope I never make my friend feel guilty for partaking in any of her outlandish ideas, if I do so voluntarily.

Somethings you understand only after being at the receiving end, I guess. But in any case, I do hope this is a lesson learnt for life.


Nonentity said...
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Anonymous said...



Sanjay said...

Ye. Or you can be the devil and wear a mask that never reveals what you feel. ;)
I know what you mean though, the best of you should be for the ones you care about no questions asked.

Perspective Inc. said...

Know what you mean.. people say and do things without even thinking much but it can hurt!

Ameet said...

There's always something better out there - the secret is to learn to savour the present - what you have there and then. I feel sorry for people who haven't figured this out yet.

This reminds me of some vintage Pink Floyd:
Balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave

So true.

doubtinggaurav said...

Hmmmm , Shidney Sheldon, well your taste is reallllly radical.
Of all the Sheldons I read, I liked If tommorrow comes, and tell me your dreams, rest were chalta hai types