Friday, December 08, 2006

Close call

Last night, we had an accident with a truck. Very, very, very fortunately nothing happened to any of us. The car is in pretty bad shape though.

Soon after the accident, I had dialled '100' to make a complaint. (I had taken down the number of the truck.) I asked for a complaint number to follow up, but the person at the other end said that the complaint can only be followed up at a police station. He advised me to go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint there as well. This way, when they flash the number of the vehicle across town and the truck is apprehended, the complaint is already lodged at the police station and the truck driver can get booked immediately. There were quite a few gaps in my mind as to how this would work. Like, what if I was generally calling in to make a false complaint regarding a vehicle? Then it gets to be our word against the truck driver's. And the person didn't ask me details of my car either. Wasn't that required?

Possible conversation between apprehended truck driver and police:

‘We got a complaint that you hit a car…’

‘What car?’

And where do we go from there?

Of course, I don't know anything about how things operate once a complaint is made over the phone. I have previously made 3 such calls, and barring the time I had reported a dead body in the middle of the road, I never got a call back or anything.

I guess the best way to find out would be to go to a police station and ask the cops. However, I suddenly have excruciating pain in my right knee so I can't move all that much. And right knee hurts more when I use my left leg rather than the right one. I do hope it gets better soon without me having to visit a doctor.

To get back to the accident; I insisted that we go to the police station. But Papa thought otherwise. He said that it wasn’t a good idea to go to the station at night with two ladies in the car. It’s not safe, he said. Now, while I am not terribly trusting of the police, I do think one shouldn’t be intimidated of approaching a branch of the law. Especially, when you have done nothing wrong. They are, after all, there to help.

I do know this sounds easier said than done.

From personal experience, I find it a horrible irony that the police will go about rounding couples at Bandstand for ‘indecent’ behavior. But if you complain about a guy having molested you in a train, they turn a blind eye with ‘Such things happen in crowded places.’ Or worse, they ask you to go over the incident, again and again, in humiliating detail. And as for the women cops…I wonder if they have to be so densitized to be recruited into the police force.

I feel the safest when I know I can deal with something by myself. If need be, I can tackle a couple of goons or run for cover or control my breathing if I am shut inside a trunk. I feel safe when I know I am capable of breaking a couple of noses. But with this busted knee, I am feeling really vulnerable. And the only other place that preys on vulnerability more than a police station is a doctor’s office.

I hope I don’t have to go there.


Anonymous said...

hope things are fine now....

sorry I was not able to make on ur engagment day....will call u sometime...

take care


Sanjay said...

Glad all of you are ok, which is more important.
AS for your knee don't despair. If my example helps..

I tore my ACL in my right knee about a coople of months back. After dealing with visions of surgery and a long rehab I was back to reality, cos my Ortho guy said lets try physical therapy first and see if we get it strong again. So after a month and a half of that and with me feeling like my knee is strong we decided no surgery would be needed. I do have to do exercises to keep it stron but I am running again.

So don't worry about your knee it will be fine, just a matter of time. Also if you are in good shape you should heal faster as well.

Ameet said...

Hope your knee feels better soon. If this were the US, Gloria Allred would be all over you.

Mukta said...

Hi Pravin, call...

Hey Sanjay!

Good to know that. Believe feels really good to know that. And guess what? My knee is feeling better already!

Hi ameet,

I hope my knee gets better too...and as for Gloria Allred...if I could have her number...he he he! :-D

Dadoji said...

The police would note down the complaint and give you a copy to claim the insurance. At least, that is what they did to me when I went there the only time I bother to report.

Anyways, good that nobody was hurt. The right knee hurts when you use left leg because of body weight I guess. Should be okay but do see a physio just to be sure.

asuph said...

Hmmm. Yes, the most important thing is, you all are fine. I understand your father's apprehension, I don't know what I'd do in his place either. Twice that I've been to the police station with my wife, I have always felt creepy a minute into it. And I went in without prejudices both the times...

lol @ doctor's office. don't go and punch noses there, even if they deserve it ;-).

hope you're better by now.