Monday, November 14, 2016


Will make this quick before I get sucked into all these tabs open on my laptop - especially the tasty Pinterest one that beckons oh-so-rivetingly.

1. Made a trip to Pune today. Had to pay my maids. Paid up in tens and twenties and in a matter of seconds, my entire wad of notes got used up. So I will likely have to make a trip to the bank soon.

2. The kitchen verandah has a pot of really pretty bush of mandarin oranges. In the time that I was away, they have really flourished. Bright fresh globes of orange and yellow in tufts of bright green leaves. I had a good time clicking them and applying all kinds of filters (my favorite one was something called 'blue wash'.) I made a mistake saving the pictures so I don't know where they went. Thankfully, the bush with the fruits is still there.

3. A friend came over and we talked about the magenta strip of fun that we'll be calling money now. My mum, she and I had pakora and aata halwa (which I find tastier than the sooji variety). I looked around and I have to say, that house is cosy. Every nook of it is cosy. It has always made space for some comfort in a brash world for everyone who's come in there. I've had rabid arguments in there with friends and family, meltdowns, and dizzying ecstatic periods - the kind where you twirl into dementia. But always, on the tiles, in the walls, in the corners, there as been peace. I don't know too much about vastu - but this home is filled with a well-being. It seems to be independent of whoever chooses to live there.

4. The drive back was soothing. There was some really good music on the radio - old songs. They are pretty good to drive through tunnels with. Soothing, comforting, yet a little sad. Reminders that the light at the end of the tunnel may just be a dying flame.

Good day today.

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