Sunday, November 13, 2016


I had planned a long post for tonight but I have been watching videos for a long while now. It's therefore just going to be bullet points for now.

1. There is a kind of roti we make where we knead the dough in hot water. I am having strips of that soaked in orange juice. I was feeling really hungry and my head is hurting. So, this is my midnight snack.

2. The book I had ordered has arrived. The Unknown Craftsman - A Japanese Insight into Beauty by Soetsu Yanagi. With the demonetization and things like that,I had to pay up for the book (approximately Rs. 1830) in denominations of Rs. 20. While counting and losing track of the figure, I realized just how used I have become to counting larger notes. Small  change is just a lump of nameless, faceless currency. I need to pay more attention.

3. I go running to a place behind my house thrice a week. I go in the late evenings when the lights from the street shine on the surface of the lake. The running path has lamps but there is a stretch that is not well lit. It always has a bluish hue to it - just that little strip of the path. It's like sliding down the blue skin of Shiva or running down a blue-jammed tongue of some weird creature. It's really pretty. Today I jogged for a little while to a different soundtrack. There's a song I have come to be particularly fond of: Wakhra Swag ( It's a Punjabi song and not even a new one. It's just that I heard a lot of it when I'd been to Kasol a few months ago. Every time I listen to that song, I remember that final turn we took in the hills from which point we started seeing those huge fir and pine trees. Running to that song takes me there.

4. Today, in that path, I saw a group of boys peering into a nearby bush. One of them stopped me and asked me if I'd seen the python. He pointed into the bushes and there it was - a huge, brown, gold, and black snake slithering into the bushes. I don't know whether it was a python or not but it was massive. MASSIVE. I couldn't see the end of its length and it had a thick body. It looked like a moving, brown ocean. The moon shone on it and it was just devastatingly beautiful. I came back home and had supper. But it was the most luscious piece of enchantment I could hope for today.

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