Monday, November 21, 2016


Feeling really overwhelmed today.

Must be my period.

I have come to appreciate menstruation a lot more now. I think if you have lived alone for a long time - as long as I have - you tend to take on more masculine energy, I suppose. You get tough and focused and very goal-oriented and stuff like that. You push yourself, soldier through pain, be very driven and task-based, etc. But then you get your period and automatically, you want to slow down. I may not actually slow down. But I definitely want to. Periods at least soften me. I feel like nurturing some thing - treating everything gently. Breathing deeper. Using a more gentle gaze. It feels good to sip something hot when your stomach hurts or your back aches but actually what you want to cry about is that knot of all the little follies and heartbreaks and shards of anger you have accumulated over the days. You miss, you wish, you long, you snap - it is actually quite nice to just let the mood have its way. And then, because you brave through so much emotional intensity at a time, you crave something sweet - a warm muffin, a little sugar, a pour of honey.

Periods are definitely rewarding. I'd recommend it to everyone. :-)

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Jagdeep Kaur said...

i crave for paranthas; gobi.