Sunday, November 20, 2016


I'm taking a short break for work now. Poured myself a glass of Nimbooz. Nice, cold, tangy. I am not a huge fan of lemony drinks but sometimes, the kind of nausea that hits you when you are working late nights needs the tang. (I like that phrase: needs the tang.)

What should I write about today? I think I will write about the clothes that I got mended from the tailor's. They were really old clothes. Some had rips and some others were a little snug or a little loose. Anyway, they are all as good as new now. So, here's the list of stuff that the tailor fixed:

1. A really pretty saree blouse - a multi-colored one with applique work.
2. A pair f pants that were too long.
3. A white shirt with a little lace around the cuffs. The cuffs had ripped a bit.
4. A really pretty summery dress. I got it from Colaba causeway but it looks like something you would have picked up from Goa. Orange, white, and a blue tie-and-dye number.
5. A deep green kurta in raw silk with embroidery done in sandalwood-colored silk thread. This, perhaps, is my favorite.

In other news, I posted something on LinkedIn. Someone wrote to me asking me if I was depressed. :-) I am not but it is so nice to see that a stranger might write in to check on whether I was doing okay.

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