Monday, May 02, 2016


Things to be grateful for:

1. Had a lovely time at the play reading of Dicken's Christmas Carol. It was light and fun and it was really interesting to see people really get into the narration.

2. I went to Model Colony for the first time. Checked out Model Cafe there which was quite charming.

3. After the meetup, a couple of us tried out a new place called Tien. This is again in Model Colony. It's small, chic, with black decor and stuff. It's known for good and affordable sushi. They were out of sushi when we landed up there. I had an iced tea that had been freshly brewed and didn't come out of the box. I also had a red quince and mushroom dish that was tasty.

4. My car has stalled so I got a ride back home. On a bike. Which is always thrilling once I get past the initial fright of me falling down and having my head split open.

5. I wore my white smock dress with sailor striped. I hadn't been able to find it in my cupboards. But found it, wore it, enjoyed it.

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Anupama said...

Hey! What a coincidence...