Sunday, April 10, 2016

416, 415, 414, 413, 412

A slightly tough day so I will quickly jot down a few things that made me happy:

1. The film, Kung Fu Panda 3. I loved all those swirling animations of chi and the final sequence where Po vanishes to leave behind a yin and yang emblem made of pale pink petals.

2. Very good mango lassi at Bhagatsingh Tarachand.

3. Catching up with a friend who was visiting from Chicago.

4. Being able to retrieve a few e-books after mistakenly deleting them.

5. A beautiful white Salwar Kameez in chikan work that Ma got me as a birthday gift.

6. The beautiful passages describing a fragile world in the book 'Snow Flower and the secret fan.'

7. Revisiting pictures of the sea.

8. Getting more visible on LinkedIn

9. Winning a book as a consolation prize at work, Invisible Cities by Calvino.

(I think I will write about all the good things that happen to me. Even when I am being impossible and horrible.)


Anonymous said...

yeah! good things. ok. it will do. yes.
and don't take 5-6 days please...
it's hard to wait.


mukta raut said...

:-) I'll try.