Monday, April 11, 2016


1. Enjoyed the curd rice that was made yesterday.

2. I cooked potatoes with moong daal last night. First, sauteed the moong daal in ghee. Chopped up a potato in large cubes and added it to the daal. Added turmeric, salt, and a spoonful of thetcha. Added a glass of water and had it pressure cooked. It was quite tasty.

3. Watched a film last night, American Graffiti. It's a 1973 film directed by George Lucas and produced by Ford Coppola. The film was a sleeper hit and it launched the careers of a young Susan Sommers and a new Harrisson Ford who was then still a carpenter. Lucas could fund Star Wars because this film was a hit.

4. Met a pal last afternoon for coffee. He gave me two books- a murder mystery called The Alienist and another slim volume of history between a potential war between Russia and China. The second one is non-fiction.

5. Cleaned up my room some more.


mona said...

Do read The Alienist.
Lovely book. Captures the time where it is set in.
Some of those eating places still exists in the city!!

Celeb should write more of these.

BTW, The Angel of Darkness is also superb.

mukta raut said...

Yes, so I'm told. :-)