Monday, April 04, 2016

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What I did for my birthday was shove a few clothes in my bag, turn off the lights, close the door behind me, and head out at midnight for the Velas beach with some people I didn't know too well. For my birthday, I wanted to take off. And I did.
The Velas beach is where the Ridley turtles lay eggs and they hatch and the little turtles are released into the sea. A really big deal is made about it all. For me, the weekend and my birthday was about endless walks on the beach, standing hypnotized in font of a sunset, sharing a smile with stranger who was recording the sound of the waves.
It was about a serenditous stumble on another white and golen beach, a trippy road trip, an unplanned halt where we turned off the lights and watched a large swatch of sky fill with was about going up a really high tower and watching the beautiful yin and yang that a fortress and the sea make. It was about screeching to a halt as we watched a large, stunning , black and white spackled python (so long it covered the span of the lane on the highway) cross the road.
There is something about being free. About being happy. About being with travelers in an unknown place for an unknown time that strangely makes you feel more connected with those at home.
When I watched the endless sea crash a limitless shore...or i watched tons of fireflies blaze near bushes...or I caught the rhythm of a massive snake in the pitch dark of the night...I felt strangely with everyone I'd ever known. I wasn't available on phone or facebook...but in some sense I'd taken everyone with me. I hope you felt the magic too.

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have you watched any good movies lately?