Friday, February 05, 2016


Okay. I just decided that I have to do some things about all the stuff I own in the house. So even though I am really tied, I am going to try to re-arrange the house somewhat. I am going to make some black coffee and lug the table back into the living room. Mum and my aunt are coming tomorrow and I'm really excited about that.

I want to go to learn tarot. Basically, here's someone I follow on YouTube: He seems to be from Noida, a place I worked in many years ago. Also, the books on the table feel homey. So I feel a connect. I am still not sure whether anything is accurate or not but I feel a sense of connection.

I also like this guy:
(This link is an Aries forecast but you could look up your own. But his voice is so good!)

If anyone has links to other tarot card readers, please share?

Coffee, gosh! It would be so good to have coffee now. Strong, black, and lots.

Also, is January already over?! But it would be over, right? It would be over the way February will get over and then March and the rest of the year and the rest of the years. It feels funny.

Okay so maybe I am not going to get the dining table in today. I am so sleepy.

I will watch my forecasts and then have coffee and then sleep.


mona said...

Was I rude?
I am sorry. I couldn't stop myself. I found your post kinda incoherent. Hence my reply.
I guess, I am too impulsive. And also, that I don't want you to drink alone.

mukta raut said...

no hassles. Although, if you found my post incoherent, could it be because you were inebriated? :-) Just a thought. I'm not being rude, I hope.

mona said...

No. you are not being rude.

I am just glad that you did not take offense.

So, were you able to move the dining table?

mukta raut said...

Yes. Although I feel I should have dinner in the balcony at least twice a week!

Jagdeep Kaur said...

Have tried it myself, successfully. Found it pretty good. :)