Thursday, February 04, 2016


I am very exhausted.

There hasn't been water in one f my bathrooms for nearly 4 days now. It's so infuriating because the flat above me and the one below me get it. I asked the watchman to go and check up on the relevant valve but he is just so irritating (keeps staring at my friends and me all the time and rings the doorbell at midnight to ask some unnecessary, stupid thing. I dislike him immensely.)Anyway, the watchman didn't help me at all. I called a plumber who charged me a fair bit to change some pipes but it's fine now.

Went to Aundh for some treats with a pal. Then we stopped for some yogurt at a newly opened 'Menchies' at Cummins. The yogurt was okay but their plastic spoons were just so pretty!

Then I had to have a talk with my landlord regarding the renewal of my rent agreement and the painting of the house. But the stuff with the plumbers had me so tired. (They'd insisted on showing me some part of the broken pipe or whatever but I just kept nodding and didn't know what I was looking at. So in the middle of some great explanation I just yawned and went away to warm up food.)

And I was looking around the house and was wondering if there may be a way to clear clutter an I'd thought of bringing in the dining table from the balcony and removing some books but it's all quite crazy. And there's the dirty bathroom (where the plumbers worked) to clean up.

But a friend shared a link to an Ellen video where this absolutely cute, pudgy 5-year old uses the word 'apparently' a whole lot. I laughed so, so hard!

I am very exhausted.



mona said...

MR, have you started to drink again?

mukta raut said...

No. I have given up again.