Sunday, December 20, 2015

511, 510, 509

I had a terrible headache last night. Terrible.Massive. It felt like there were hands just pressing my skull to squeeze out any kind of mental life. My whole head hurt and felt pringly. Pins and needles. There was some fever. In fact while driving back from work, late at night. I was swerving this way and that but reached home safe. Thank god.

Once home, I first collapsed on the sofa. Then went to the bathroom and puked. And then collapsed on the bed. Then went to the other bathroom and puked some more. Then collapsed on that bed. My friend, who is the healer in Delhi, Jagdeep Kaur, had once told me that when you are facing any kind of problem, especially an ache of some sort, you breathe deep. It didn't help immediately but I had slept off until the next round of nausea hit. This time, after throwing up, I washed my face a million times, I think. Splashed cold water and then hot water and then cold water and then hot water again. This also helped. Then I got hungry. Warmed some rice and pitla (it's a kind of curry made with gram flour and curd). Simple fare but nice.

Then I slept for nearly 15 hours.

I woke up with the head still throbbing but I was so tired of sleeping that I stepped out for a walk with my friend. We went to Natural and tried Ginger and Honey ice-cream. It is so so so good! And now, I still have the headache but it has subsided considerably.

I am typing this out in the balcony. It's a cool night and I have wrapped around me this really soft muslin scarf in black-and-white that Ma had gifted me. There's a candle lit and the flame's doing it's dance and the light traipses all over the copper body of the Kali statue. She is so beautiful. Sometimes I even forget that I have that statue but then I flick on the switch and there is, all resplendent and strong. I am also sipping hot chocolate that I made for myself.

It's a lovely, gorgeous night.


Anonymous said...

are you ...ok?

Anonymous said...

are you allright ?

mona said...

Happy New Year Mukta!

mukta raut said...

a very, very happy new year to you too!