Friday, January 01, 2016

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1. My last day at work was beautiful. They gifted me a gorgeous hamper with some really good coffee and gingerbread men and plum cake. I also got coupons that I used to buy books and movies.

2. My brother got married in Bhubaneshwar and it was lovely! Cousins are just so much fun! I wore bight yellow stilletoes and danced a night away! Superb it was.

3. After a really long time, I wore jewellery and a sari and I quite liked myself in them.

4. I've become rather heavy now and I'm fine with it. Of course, I will work on it eventually but I've come to appreciate it a lot. Last year, there was a period when I was just so sad and anxious and scared. I think I put on a whole lot of weight then - to maybe protect myself from myself. The weight did help. I somehow did feel more cushioned and more, somehow, sweet.

5. The year ended with me leaving Bhubaneshwar with dumping my yellow heels in the hotel's waste paper basket. With those shoes, I definitely made a statement but I don't have it in me to continue the conversation. Barefeet dances are the way forward.

6. I have a feeling this will be a great New Year for all of us. I sense that we'll all get braver.

May your 2016 ROAR!

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