Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Nine more days until my last day at the job.

I have no plans but I have some ideas on what I'll do next.

Maybe I don't have many more days in Pune although I would like to finish the rest of my 512 days here - just to see if I finish any kind of unfinished business here.

Not sure what's in store.

Just that today, while breaking my head over a rather tough piece of assignment, I thought.

I thought that even on days that I didn't write, I still existed.


mona said...

I am assuming this was planned. Correct?
Why don't you take a long vacation? Something like the backpackers... that way, it will be affordable, and would keep your mind active and attentive. It wouldn't be boring, as you will always have to plan for the next day, and would be different.

mona said...

BTW, old/young are you: mid twenties, mid thirties or mid fourties?

mukta raut said...

No. Not planned. Why? Mid-thirties. Again...why? :-)

mona said...

No planned. Hmmm..

As for the age, I was just curious.

Janani said...

Mukta, I have been following your blog for a while now and I just had to ask - the numbering of the posts? I've noticed that they go way back but I can't see when or how they started. Care to explain? :)

mukta raut said...

i will, janani, i will. :-) let the number of days get over. In 512 days, i will.