Tuesday, October 06, 2015

569, 568

Something really surreal and beautiful happened last night. It felt like swimming underwater - free and tenuous and you keep your eyes closed because it hurts to keep them open but then if you can put up with the discomfort a little bit, the sights you see! The worlds you visit! 

It seems like a ganache of sensations now but here's what I remember of it - a very dark lane with city lights sparkling like crusted sugar on jujubes. A talk about a creative assignment. A sharing. Some home-made food. A lot of warmth and kindness and comforting. And a drifting off to sleep and waking up in the island of a tomorrow.

Whatever yesterday was reminded me of a time when I'd swum to the bottom of the ocean floor for the first time. I remember how peculiar and natural it all was. I remember fighting back tears.


mona said...

You scuba dive a lot?
Or is this metaphor/simile at its best?

Btw, I am visiting your pages everyday now. Getting hooked to them.

mukta raut said...

metaphor/ simile...and am glad you're visiting every day. :-)