Friday, October 09, 2015

567, 566: Tabu in Talwar

The ear-ache was mighty bad yesterday but a friend took me to watch Talwar. That film is imperative. I love how they have explained the title of the movie. Also, this case is so reminiscent of the themes in Camus' The Outsider. From point of view of characterization, something I have started observing because I would like to write a script someday, I loved Tabu's profile.

I liked how her character gave credibility to Irfan Khan's nature.

He was a man who'd stayed with his wife despite her affairs - he even expected them. In the middle of a tough investigation, he can recall his wife's migraine medicine. Over the phone, he observes that she's watching the film he had alluded to earlier. One remembers all these details when Irfan Khan is accused of not knowing about human interactions because he couldn't stay married. Without her, Irfan Khan would be a bright mind wearing a spectacle.

The writing of her character is what amazed me considerably.

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