Saturday, October 03, 2015

571, 570

My body seems to be replicating my heat - in the amount it seems to be accepting and accommodating in it, and the amount of heaviness it is taking on. The hips and stomach seem to swell like continents and my calves and arms are getting soft. I have also noticed that I am hunching over and eating so fast to stop breathing altogether until the last morsel is consumed.

I am not unduly worried about it though. There seems to be a big change in the offing and I feel this is just my body's way of cushioning itself for the blow. People have started being, how shall I put it, snarky about the weight gain...but it's okay. Puts me in a foul mood but I think it would be interesting to just be curious about what's going on.

I think, in a sense, the body is just playing a wait-and-watch game to see what all is coming inside it and just how much pressure is being put on it to assimilate it.

Right now it seems to be in a phase of taking inventory.

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mona said...

Please take care. Love you.
You should write more.
Cravings, of any kind, are good. As long as they don't become habit.