Saturday, October 11, 2014

869, 868

Tw really good days. I managed to make it to yoga class and make it through the yoga class. I was a little stiff but overall, the stamina was goo. The flexibility will be back in a while.

A friend of mine is a stylist and I usually ask her to pick me some stuff when she goes shopping in Bombay. So far, she's bought me a beautiful blue long dress and another cotton one in dusty pink and faded grey. I love them - especially the grey and pink cotton dresses. This time I asked her to get me a bunch of white shirts. Turns out she was purging her wardrobe and gave me some clothes. They are so awesome that I blinked back tears when I saw them. There's a gorgeous mul shirt that I'm wearing now. It is soft and floaty with bat-sleeves. There's another sharp and structured one. There is one superb one that's like a cropped shirt made of fine, gaamchha material. It is dark wooden buttons in the front and back with a dori you can use to fit the shirt as loosely or tightly you want. There is also a cotton dress with teeny bubble print on it (slightly retro) with a dropped home. I intend to wear it very, very soon.

I think this white shirt is very lucky for me because I could get done on time and go for yoga. After the class, I had a shower, put on this shirt with a pair of jeans and a dark red lipstick and went out for dinner. It has been age since it's happened.

And the Amazon sale is on with Neil Gaiman books being under 300 rupees.

This month has come to me with many things being made clear. The clarity is that my family comes first.

Also, that it is time for me to take steps to guard my space, especially the one where I write. To that end, whatever steps I need to take, I will.

Good days.

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