Monday, October 13, 2014

867, 866

A quick round-up of the last two days:

An interesting discussion with a group of pals on the epistolary form of writing. We even did an exercise and it was fun.

On the way back home suddenly decided to go to Bombay. And one reason I love a flush, full wallet is that it allows me to change my mind and indulge in a trip home.

So I went to Bombay and it was nice. Went for Haider. It was nice enough but it left me underwhelmed. I think if you must adapt, then the characters that die in the original must die in the adaptation. Why did Haider live? I think if there isn't that kind of fidelity to characters, then it's just another story of a son seeking to avenge his father's death...and that is any of Amitabh Bachchan's 500 movies.

But maybe the real Haider or Hamlet is Kashmir and it's demand for 'Azaadi'? The way the film is shot, the place really comes alive like a spectre, like a soul, like a song.

Back home to Pune with high fever and a solid backache.

Rested at home and read a book. Now, will paint my coffee table.

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