Thursday, October 23, 2014


It was a superb Diwali! Started off with a walk up a little hill with a friend. On the way, we usually cross a house that has a part of the hill in it's garden. So, it's a natural 'rock' garden, so to speak. This house had a kandeel in flaming orange fluttering in the morning breeze. There were lots of orchid blooms tied to the grills of the gates and white and red rangolis dotted the porch.

Then Mum, Dad and I had breakfast at Dario's. I love Dario's when you're the only person in their outdoor space, watching sunlight filter though trees and hear the peacocks in the backdrop. They also play some really good 90s music that seems to come from far away. I love that sense of being a little lost in time as soon as you sit down at one of their purple and white tables.

Then I met up a friend for coffee. He gave me a bunch of movies which I hope to watch over the next few days and we went to Shaniwarpeth. It was lovely. Reminded me a little bit of Zaveri bazaar. I saw the Dagdu Sheth ganpati for the first time. I have to say it is the prettiest Ganpati I have seen ever. I mean ever. Lots of pink, blue, purple and green lights around. The roads looked iridescent.

Now I'm home, taking in the cozy nooks that twinkle with lights. Eating some seriously good palak paneer with a cup of chilled Red Bull and reading 'Myth=Mithya' by Devdutt Pattanaik.

Dear Universe, Lakshmi entering household or not, I feel seriously abundant tonight!


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