Wednesday, October 22, 2014

860, 859, Diwali

There was a walk home one late evening. And a sudden purchase of two kandeels - one large one with mustard, fushcia and indigo cut-outs of flowers and the Indian mango motifs. I wasn't going to buy those until I saw another customer asking for a demo. The salesperson put a bulb under this kandeel and suddenly, so suddenly, it sparkled like a jewel. You could imagine it in a large palace with marbles or in a large garden with fountains and jasmine shrubs and peacocks. I got that for my mother. I also got three small kandeels - simpler ones in an ivory glossy paper with a thin rim of gold shimmer around the rings. For my own home, I put up a slim string of blue fairy lights. They go up around the grill, around the legs of a chair and a little bit around the bookshelf. The rest lay clumped and untidy on the floor. But when they were lit, my home, my floor looked like the resting place for baby stars who would grow up and join the large constellation when they woke up.

May you all have light of all kinds cuddled up in different corners of your worlds. May the light wake up happy.

A great, joyous Diwali everyone!


Puneet said...

Happy Diwali.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. it felt like poetry.
The usage of suddenly was an eye opener.

Please share some of your poems also.

mukta raut said...

Hi Puneet, have a good one! Hi Anon, thank you. My poetry is filed under 'Poems'. You'll find that category listed on the right.