Saturday, October 25, 2014


Finished reading 'Myth = Mithya'. So, naturally I felt a little bereft today. Went to Crossword and picked up a few books. The coffee and the baked Philadelphia cheesecake at Moshe's is pretty neat! I feel a little bad that I'm not living up to my resolve of not buying new books. But I swept and mopped the house today (the cleaning lady is on a holiday) so I think I deserved a little treat.

Here's what I got:

The Devotion of Suspect by Keigo Higashimo (Why? Because it's a Japanese writer and they seem to write with a sensibility I love.)

Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro (Why? Because of 'Remains of the Day' and 'When we were orphans'. Because he can write in a way that can make your heart ache. Because he can make your heart ache in a way that will make you feel glad for the pain because it at least means that you can  feel.)

Then there was a quick dinner at One lounge at Koregaon Park.

All this and its just Friday. Although I will have to work the weekend, it feels good to take it nice and slow after a long while. I just wish the cleaning lady hadn't taken an off.

But never mind, grateful for all that is. Because there's plenty.



sup said...

oh agree about the Japanese authors' sensibility. amazingly, Murakami reads so beautifully in translation too, so that makes for some serious admiration for his translators.

i loved Nocturnes (though leaky brains, have only sensory impressions of some parts of the book left with me, had read a borrowed copy). do write about it when you're done? would also highly recommend Ishiguro's The Unconsoled... was not the easiest of reads, but persevered because of a review i'd read online and ended up liking it lots.

mukta raut said...

I will write about nocturnes when I am through. and thanks for the recco. will get unconsoled. I haven't read any of murakami. what would you suggest I start with?

sup said...

from what i've read, i'd pick 'The Wind Up Bird Chronicle' and 'Sputnik Sweetheart' (i find it very hard to choose between the two). there's also selections of his stuff online, from the New Yorker and other sources, but among the books i especially loved those two.

sup said...

okay i'm suddenly tempted to say pick sputnik sweetheart (really depends on the hour/day i'm being asked for a reco) heh :)

mukta raut said...

will definitely get that book. thanks so much!