Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Saw a rainbow at the top of the hill today. The top of the hill - it's a very pretty place. Grass is green - the colour of Absinthe. For some reason, I've been thinking of Absinthe a lot the last few days. Absinthe and white sofas in rich, plush leather and a granite expanse of some sort that has the reflection of fire. Anyway, today I wondered where that memory or that thought (I'm not sure what it was) was coming from but my friend and I sat on a rock and looked out at the city - the way we usually do. The sky was grey but suddenly it shifted and a faint rainbow peeped out. There was mist of rain still. The colours deepened slightly but just so slightly. A half-smile in the sky to a drunken world. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?

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Jagdeep Kaur said...

hmmm…i donated my bottle of absinthe…i could've given it to you… :)