Friday, May 02, 2014

Khichdi, almost

I returned from Mumbai tonight to find that my cook hadn't cooked anything. I had specifically told her to but she hadn't.  It is going to come up in a stern conversation tomorrow.  Anyway,  not only was there no food, there were no vegetables or salt either. That's the really annoying part about my cook- she never tells me that we are running out of something until we have actually run out. So, on a night when I want to have a cup of creamy porridge is when I'll find out that there's no oats. Or when I have my 2 a.m. coffee is when the milk won't be found or the sugar jar will be empty.

But milk, sugar, and oats is still okay to run out of. Salt, well...that posed to be a bit of a problem.

So here's what I did: took some green moong daal, some brown rice, and soya nuggets. Then, I mixed them together with some mustard oil, salt, sabzi masala, and hot water. To this, instead of salt, I used dark soya sauce. After mixing it all together well, I pressure cooked it.

It tasted remarkably well! I think I will try this again when I am better stocked with bell peppers, shallots, and carrots. And yes, even though I hope to have salt then, I'll give it a miss.


anandi said...

Nice. Culinary experiments throw up surprises. Always.

mukta raut said...