Sunday, April 27, 2014

Good things

It was a quick trip to the ATM in the blistering afternoon. It was the kind of afternoon that makes you feel really glad that you have in your possession and on your being thin, crisp, cotton clothes. Despite the heat, though, I was making a coffee-run. Had a quick stop at the ATM which is not too far from the coffee place. Withdrew a couple of hundred bucks and then went over to the cafe where I stood in line to order my brew. Made strong mental notes to tell them to add the hazelnut syrup in the coffee, which they kept forgetting the last couple of times. Since the coffee is takeaway, there isn't much one can do about it.

Then, someone tapped my shoulder.

A man had followed me in and in his ruddy, calloused hands was my debit card. I had left it in the ATM slot. I almost doubled over saying thank you and all, but he gave me the card, smiled, and left. I wish I'd have the presence of mind to ask him if he'd have liked an iced tea or something. If you are in Pune right about now,  you'll know just how dry and difficult the heat is. For someone to get out into the sun for anything other than their own work really takes something.

So grateful for the goodness!


Sunipa said...

Grateful to the universe to still have such good samaritans amongst our midst!!!

mukta raut said...

Oh absolutely, sunipa!