Friday, May 02, 2014

Cut my hair short so...

1. Shampooed and dried my hair in under 5 minutes.

2. Fingers worked well. Didn't use the comb.

3. Summer breeze on an open neck feels brilliant.

4. Spraying perfume on the neck feels cold and tingly in a nice, non-horror way.

5. One has discovered the neck, the way one discovers the smoothness of a heel after a pedicure. It's a happy feeling.

6. A personal preference – short hair goes far better with saris than long hair.

7. Much time has been saved that was earlier spent looking for scrunchies, tying hair, untying hair, loosening knots, swishing the hair about in appreciation when it wasn't knotted, etc.

8. In the time that has been saved, one is considering taking up carpentry.

9. Ears look nice and open too.

10. Next step, at some point - clean shaven.


mona said...

Once you are done with the last step, can we get a pic?

mukta raut said...


Anonymous said...

Do you even realize what the first comment wants?

mukta raut said...

Yes. Why?

mona said...

With your reply to my comment, I got excited. But now, after reading your second reply, my hopes have vanished.
Please, can you answer if you swing both ways?

** And you dont have to publish this comment

mukta raut said...