Friday, October 26, 2012

Rough night

There's a scary moment when you get a call in the wee hours of the night. There's an even scarier moment when you make the call. Not because you have anything to say. But because you were drifting off on the couch and suddenly felt abnormally cold. You sense something is wrong. So you call up home and mum says, "I was just about to call you. Uncle X passed away in sleep this morning."

I'd just finished reading a sad, disturbing book then. Portions of the story floated in my head like half-chewed food in a clogged sink. Then this news. I hadn't met Uncle X in over 5 years but he was a very sweet and affectionate person. He was generous with stories and anecdotes about his garden plants. He was a very, very good man and I hadn't imagined we were close. Yet news of his death - it's been hard to take. I couldn't sleep last night and today I am very fatigued. I won't be going to work and ideally, should be on my way to Bombay. But I am very sad and very tired.

Will do something when I get some strength in the course of the day.

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