Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday this week

This Monday was beautiful. The day before, my parents and Ahad left after staying over a couple of days. I woke up with the house all to myself. Although I absolutely love having my folks and A over, I marvel at this house when I’m by myself. It’s rented with square rooms – but it has such a sweet, rounded ‘tale’ aura about it. I love it when it’s just those walls and me. I love my curtains. Ahad bought me a couple of panels in pale yellow satin-y type of material. Monday morning, I sat with my cup of tea and traced all the leaf-motifs on the buttery smooth fabric. For some reason, I have become besotted with leaves. I usually find them more beautiful than flowers. If I ever host a formal dinner, I’d have centrepieces made of leaves. I’d like clusters of thick, large glossy leaves with a few wispy, delicate frays – all bundled and tied together with a bright pink rope or cyan twine.
Outside, the clouds were gathering. It was cool with spots of sunlight here and there. The sun felt so good, though. It was delicious and warm and the world looked as if it had finally found the perfect balance of light and shade.
That day, as I walked to work, I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky. (A tough day for my guardian angel to keep me from sliding into potholes or trundling over doggy tails or getting run over.) The sky was an even shade of cool silver. It looked meditative, reflective, peaceful. It looked accepting and kind.
When I reached office, I worked with a ferocity that scared me a little. In a couple of hours I was almost done with the whole day’s work. So I decided to head over to TED. (I love that site!) There were a couple of talks here on mental illness that really moved me:
Much of the talk is how the speakers tackled their personal horrors of mental illness. In that struggle, also, is a dogged search for dignity. So many researches are cited today, so many statistics are paraded around – it’s easy to forget that it’s all ultimately a plea for kindness.
To be treated with it. To be valued for it. To be capable of it.
This Monday was good. The sky was kind.

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Srijit said...

Very nice. You are so much 'in tune with' nature.