Friday, August 03, 2012

10 things I find true

1. We are territorial. We get possessive of the ruts we are stuck in.

2. Independence is about taking on the freedom to be kind – to anyone, to everyone, to ourselves. Irrespective of external behaviour. Irrespective of internal judgment. 

3. Memories must be good, bad, and selective to be meaningful. 

4. Great wisdom sometimes shines through glitter on bumper stickers. For example, a sticker reads, ‘Best friends never have the same nature, they just have best understanding of their differences.’ And then you decide to have your mind and your heart to be buddies like that. Wisdom!

5. At times, one may think that none of this matters. At times, one may think that all of this matters. Both points of view are right. Simultaneously.

6.’Vision’ gets far more spotlight than ‘Perspective’. But the latter is the race. The former is a photo-finish.

7. Whether blogs or books, it’s always better to read those who you don’t meet face to face.

8. There’s not much point in taking the comment ‘You take things too personally’ to heart. People who tell you to ‘not take things too personally’ have taken your reaction to that comment ‘too personally’ themselves. Nothing right or wrong about this. We are people. We will make things personal. If we are mature people, we will make things personal maturely.

9. Nothing is as more indicative of identity, culture, evolution, mindset, or experiential lineage as a palate. 

10. We are the crowd. Not better. Not worse. Not different. We're it.


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