Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pretty plants

This morning, Ma woke me up to show me something. She'd bought two plants with the sweetest white flowers ever! I love white flowers! I don't know what these plants are called, though. The floweres have creased petals like carnations but are much softer. They look really wispy and fragille, as if they are made of spun sugar and glazed with butter and wax. The flowers have a lovely fragrance - deep and lush! The vendor who sold the plants told Ma that they needed to be given extra water.

These plants are heavy with buds too. They look so innocent - these buds, like sleeping children. There's something about the way a flower is so folded into itself in a bud-like state that resembles a baby. I think of tiny curled fists when I see them.

Now, I have seven pots of glorious plants in the kitchen balcony! Each with its own story. I love them!

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