Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Essential reading

I will perhaps be the one millionth person to recommend  the article 'Joy of Quiet' by Pico Iyer for NY Times. It bodes well for the new year that it has begun with such tender and piercing insight.

Maybe, in 2012, the world will not end.

It will simply get unplugged. 


Puneet said...

I read that article yesterday and overall I think we all have started to realize and practice some De-cluttering, but spending atrocious amount of money in hotels is really meaningless. Spending that money on a ticket to Bhutan sounds like a much better way of spending it :)

shub said...

Yup, loved the article. Loved your last line even better.
Happy New Year, Mukta :)

Vinita said...

Hi, there is a hostel in Baner (Ambitions Girls Hostel) and a friend of my sister's boss is staying in a PG accommodation. Are you looking for rentals or PG? She also forwarded a site:

I've asked her to lemme know abt some rentals.

sup said...

happy new year to you Mukta and thanks for the link! i ran into this and wanted to share...

Mukta said...

puneet - yep, puneet will definitely have better food than a 'black hole' hotel!

:-) thanks shub!

hi vinita, thanks so much! I'm looking for a place of my own to rent. Preferably, I'd like to have the flat to myself so my folks can visit over the weekends.