Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So it ends

Saffron linen of an open sky
And on that, a reddish moon platter
In the cab, the hand-holding
Yet looking away, as if it didn't matter

Thick, cottony winter breeze
And shrubs with firefly dances
In the shadows, the kissing
And the stealing of nightly chances

Unsaid, undone, thrills, words and deeds
And maybe the guilt of not knowing
Penitent, imprisoned in cold, steady gaze,
And yet...redemption in a poem.

1 comment:

omnithere said...

so fly on
and fly away my friend
spread your wings
spread your soul farther

let that hand
not hold you back
the hand you want
will push you
will let you
make you fly
fly on
and fly, fly away...