Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Decision time

Sometimes, one goes through life thinking whether one needs companionship or not. Whether marriage is good or dating is better or a steady relationship will give comfort or a deep embracing friendship will provide safety. Sometimes, one might even get close to one or more or all of these.

But a think a time comes to face the truth. It's not hard or bitter. Just one that has you thump your fist angrily at the skies a little bit.

That none of these companionship or friendships or steady relationships, etc. is for you. That maybe your lot is to muffle the screams from your open wounds.

Best done alone.

1 comment:

omnithere said...

open wounds don't scream. take a deep breath, and smile, they'll start healing. or they fester, depends on you no.. :)

and try and not think and wonder, or try and decide. :) let it happen, it's gonna happen's good to just smile and enjoy the ride then no.. :x :x <3