Thursday, September 08, 2011

Just for evidence - Part 2

Regarding last night's incident, I haven't been able to the police station yet. My father advised me to go with him later as he said I shouldn't go without a witness. Mum has to go to Bandra for some work. Anyway, I got these details from the Internet:

Have e-mailed the respective authorities. Let's see now.

I think I will write to a newspaper now. Somehow I don't feel right about getting the media involved. I think they have a tendency to make everything into a circus. But if in the long run, it helps someone, so be it.

Also, Navi Mumbai does not apparently fall under the jurisdiction of Greater Mumbai. Therefore I could not find any relevant information here:

I do believe there should be some integrated website having information for both divisions. When one is in trouble, one is really not in a position to go running around understanding nuances of police jurisdiction.


Gracy Jayaraj said...

Hi Mukta,

Read your post, the earlier one too. I guess you should take it up and put it in the newspaper too. And if need be, I shall be there with you.

I believe that this should be highlighted and taken it up, or else these policemen will not learn to be people friendly.


Puneet said...

Rather than protecting the citizens, Indian cops behave like a mafia most of the time. Rather than respecting the uniform, they blatantly misuse it.
I am hoping your emails will shake things up a bit at least for some cops.

Mukta said...

Hi Gracy,

Yes. I will write to the newspaper soon - tomorrow or day after. Thanks for the offer.

Hi Puneet,

I hope so too. I think if a lot of people write in, the authorities are bound to take notice.

crab said...

Dont know the Mumbai Police organisation but i suppose there would be a Vigilance Department?