Thursday, September 08, 2011

Just Evidence - Part 3

I went for a run this evening but didn't see the cops while I was there. I wonder if they came later.

During the day I had called up 100 and told them I wanted to report a cop taking bribe. They asked me the area where I had seen this and my name. Then they told me to talk to an official at this number: 27561099. I thought I would wait until I met those cops again this evening, see if they were up to their nonsense and then report. Since I didn't see them today, I haven't called up this number yet. In time, I will.

While I was running, I took some pictures my new camera phone. It's not a high-end phone or anything. I don't even know how to use the zoom function here. But I have never had a camera phone before. I quite like it. In fact, I prefer taking pictures with it instead of talking to people.

There are these pretty yellow and white blooms deep inside the marsh. When the sun goes down, these blooms just leap out with their soft, velvet-like luminescence. I clicked a perfect yellow flower growing in a bush. I also clicked the glassy lake that looks like it has been covered with lilac cellophane around sunset.

Maybe, tomorrow I will click those huge snails and molluscs.


omnithere said...

i'll always remember those huge snails. thanks for showing them to me.. :)

Just Me said...

Click the cops taking bribe the next time