Friday, September 23, 2011

It could be possible

I was thinking about this today - that if one could love like she has never been hurt, it can effectively counter one who hurts like she has never been loved.


omnithere said...

how does one hurt like one's never been loved. i think that wouldn't hurt much...cos one hasn't been loved ever anyways..

Mukta said...

No, omni. The person who always hurts does not know what it is to be loved. He has never had that experience. My theory is that if you continue to love him or her, without expectations, that person could improve. In the sense, he or she will stop hurting other people.

kumar said...

These two categories are not comparable! one who does not know what love is, can not experience the hurt / pain of losing the love.

loving like you never have been hurt, is the goal!!