Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just for evidence - Part whatever (Don't remember. Too lazy to check.)

Earlier, I had posted about having written an email to the DCP of Vashi regarding an incident in the park. (The link to the DCP's email is there in one of my earlier posts I think.) A couple of days ago, I got an email from a lady asking me to speak to a PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) and gave me his name, a landline number, and a mobile number.

I called up the sub-inspector and spoke to him. He also wanted me to come down to the police station. I was really down yesterday so I said I didn't feel like. He then suggested I come over the next day after 9:30 a.m. I said okay. That night I spoke with my parents and my father again told me that I shouldn't go unescorted. He said he would come with me but I didn't want to trouble him any more.

The next day, the sub-inspector called again and I asked him if it was absolutely necessary to come down to the station. I told him my father wanted to come with me but he keeps late hours so it's difficult. Could we just speak over the phone? He said fine. We spoke. I told him what I perceived to be harassment by the police and he explained his point of view, etc. Since I didn't have any absolute concrete evidence of bribery, I gave it a harassment spin and brought in a safety issue of the area. Last thing I need is a defamation suit against a public servant.

I also mentioned that they should have a lady officer patrolling with them. After all, if the cops are going to descend on 17-18 year olds, it is only natural that a girl get scared. The officer then told me very earnestly that there is no reason to get scared. He said that with regard to interactions with general public, the police doesn't have much 'daring' anymore. (I sensed a little regret in his voice but that could be pure speculation.)

Anyway, the sub-inspector said that there is a very strong drive against all these things and each complaint that is recorded is followed up stringently. (Later, a friend who is a lawyer told me that cops actually get chargesheeted if they fail to show that they have responded to a complaint.) So, after my talk, he said that I could email a reply to the authorities telling them what had transpired.

I did that. As for now, things stand at that.


Puneet said...

So is the follow-up call to you the action to your complaint?

Mukta said...

yes, puneet.