Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tag gleaned from someone's page on orkut

1) When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
With that face and that body, how are you not a model? (he he! Woke up really early…at a time when the mind plays tricks.)

2) How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?
1500 rupees. Got to buy some essentials and need some cash for a luncheon tomorrow.

3) What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?
Bore, Core, Fore, Four, Gore, oar, pore, pour, soar, sore, lore, floor, so on and so forth.

4) Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
Who knows?! I hate talking to people on the cell phone. I dislike cell-phones. I dislike people. And I thoroughly dislike the idea of using a cell-phone to communicate with people. Annoying!

5) What is your favourite ring tone on your phone?
I have the standard Reliance ring tone.

6)What are you wearing right now?
A purple-peasant top in a really light cheese-cotton fabric and a very bright yellow and orange cotton skirt. I like colourful clothes!

7) Do you label yourself?
Yes. Moody, difficult, complicated, very good cook, aloof, loyal, the embodiment of the Hamlet observation: I love too much, but not too well.

8) Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own?
I have big feet, so nothing really fancy. I mainly wear flats or keds.

9) Bright or Dark Room?
Dark room lit by the lights of the night.

10) What is your latest fantasy?
I’m sitting in a room…it’s my room in Bandra, and all around me are these really ornate, chiselled goblets filled with wine and jasmines floating in them. There are lots of candles flickering inside and there’s a storm brewing elsewhere. I’m sitting on the marble floor with someone else…some tall guy with really nice fingers. He’s got long, silky hair and I suppose he’s visiting or something. I’m looking at the flashes of lightning splicing the darkness. The guy looks like he’s writing something on a wad of paper. A few minutes later, he hands it over. It’s actually a beautiful sketch of me looking at rain. The sketch is titled, “A poem”, and it’s signed, “Byron.”

11) What does your watch look like?
Not wearing one. I don’t like watches.

12) What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was looking out the window and thinking what different emotions are evoked by calling a strip of land ‘an empty street’ and ‘an open road’. And it was midnight because I loved that thought and I quickly looked at the time to see if I could write a poem on it. I didn’t.

13) What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
PYAAR, DOSTI ..ab sab kuch aapke haath mein…some promotional crap like that.

14) What’s a word that you say a lot?
‘But…’ (I intend to change it to ‘Yes’.)

15)Who told you he/she loved you last?
Mom and Cy – both, I think, just so that they could go back to watching TV instead of hearing me whine.

16) Last furry thing you touched?
A skirt bought in the ignorance of youth – it’s pink, it’s got hair on it, and it’s thigh-length. It looked cute a long time ago, but now it seems something a streetwalker would wear. On Muppet-land.

19) Your favourite age so far
Hmm…I love it now, although 25 is when my world-view changed for ever.

18) What was the last thing you said to someone?
"Come to my Bandra place – You’ll love it!"

19) The last song you listened to?
Dheere dheere se meri zinagi mein aana (from Aashiqui). I LOVE that song! LOVE IT!

20) Where did you live in 1987?

21) Are you jealous of anyone?
Not really

22) Is anyone jealous of you?

23) Name three things that you have on you at all times?
A ring made of blue sapphire, my nose-stud…everything else changes.

24) What’s your favourite town/city?
Mumbai – first, last, always

25) When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
A month ago…wrote it out and put it in Mother Mary’s petition box. :-)

26) Can you change the oil on a car?
No. It’s not enough now that I can drive one? Damn it!

27) Your first love/big crush: What is the last thing you heard about him/her?
First love - He’s happy.

First Big Crush – That would be Huckleberry Finn. Suffice to say, he’s happy too. :-D

28) Does anything hurt on your body right now?
My shoulder blades…for doing the bhujangasan and dhanurasan a tad longer than comfortable.

29) What is your current desktop picture?
It’s some default picture of a lake surrounded by icy trees and some other things looking prettily forlorn.

30) Have you been burnt by love?
Yes. But I’ve had it doused by food and clothes. Now, that’s something! :-)


The Idle Devil said...

It was lovely to read the entire tag but the last line's my favourite!! :)

Serendipity said...

I totally enjoyed this... and your blog. wil watch your space! :)

swati said...

Couldn’t get my eyes off the sketch. Such a lovely description, it just bowls over the imagination. Such a superb idea and lovely artist. Your imagination of the backdrop was really impeccable. Incomparable settings and the signature the masterpiece of all.