Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The difference lies in us...

I like something high over something big
I prefer to leap and catch than to kneel and dig
I like an open palm, not a tight embrace
I’d choose twisted ropes over Venetian lace

You like snowy tips over frothy waves
You like the nod of kings, not the clasp of knaves
You need refined drinks, over humble foods
You like a steady mind over kaleidoscopic moods

This was okay until sometime back
Your red was red, but to me t’was black
The trouble began when you just couldn’t see
That my night, although dark, was light to me


Sushma said...

I like! Succinct.

swati said...
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swati said...

How I wonder
How things were
My one was one
Your two was two
How things alike, between me and you
But all of a sudden
The skies changed

You went out
And saw the world
It was odd that
we saw the sky
It was seen from the eyes alike
But to me it was just destiny
And for you the destination
How I wonder
We parted ways
For a sky
Which was neither for me
Nor for u

Mukta said...

hey swati,

really nice!